Peacock Craft

As I’ve said before, I am a Pinterest addict. I have dozens of boards and hundreds of things pinned. I do have good intentions of utilizing my Pinterest boards, but life is busy. Outside of recipes, I rarely have any time to do the things I have wanted to try. Being a teacher I have summers off, so I decided to dedicate some of my “free time” this summer to crafting.

I saw this peacock canvas on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I love peacock colors and even used them in my wedding themes. I felt this would be great in our future nursery and decided to give this craft a try. A quick stop to my local craft store and hardware store, and I had all I needed. The best part is the total cost was under $15 (use the 40% off coupon that’s always on the Hobby Lobby website on the canvas to save even more).

Supplies needed are:

Canvas ( I used 12 by 24 inches because I wanted it to be long)
Some sort of paper ( I used paint samples from Home Depot, but card-stock would work nicely)
Glue (nothing special, any paper glue works fine)

When at the hardware store getting my paint samples, (it’s not stealing if they’re free right?) I made sure to pick colors that blended well with each other. There are the samples that have 3-4 colors on one sheet which is nice because they will already harmonize well. However, I chose to get ones that had only one color partly because they had the shades I liked and partly because they’re physically bigger so I needed less of them. After an eyeball measure, I grabbed enough that once cut out I had 6-9 “feathers” of each color (I fit 3 feathers each).


Once I was home and ready to get started, I separate the colors to make the groupings of each feather strand. I did not figure this out halfway through and it saved me so much time (as well as evenly distributing the paper) in the end.  


On the back of the paper, I sketched the outline of the feather. I wanted them to be different sizes and shapes as to give it a more natural feel. I only drew and cut one tail section at a time (waiting till it was glued down to start the next section) as to not get everything mixed up. I made sure to leave out extra to make the body and circle shapes.

Next came the gluing. I started by putting the body high, knowing that I wanted the focus to be the fail feathers.

The tail feathers are layered, so I had to start low and work my way up, adding 3-4 feathers on each layer. When adding the glue I made sure not to go all the way to the edge, or where my finger held it, so that it would naturally lift a tad off the paper and give it more dimension when dry. After adding a few layers, I would flip the canvas over and apply heavy pressure for about 30 seconds (it is hard to apply pressure on the top side of a canvas without stretching it).

I added in a few sprinkles of surrounding colors to each tail piece as I went, hoping it would blend smoother. To finished the piece off, I added a few head hairs and stars. Looking back, I wish I had made the tail a little more full, but overall I am still very pleased with how it turned out!



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