Allergy Season

*Disclaimer: I am not an allergy sufferer- just someone who loves one.*

It’s allergy season folks. For most, this means outdoor sunshine, tank tops and tans. However, for many of you, like my husband, it means months of sneezing, itching and misery.

My husband, Dave, severely suffers from seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, these are impossible to escape in the home and especially outside. We have seen the doctors and tried every over the counter medicine out there. Year round he is taking the strongest pill form medication, steroidal nose spray and allergy eye drops just to make life, and breathing, bearable.

We live in the beautiful state of Colorado, next to the front range foothills. As anyone who lives in Colorado knows the winter of 2016-17… did not really happen. Outside of the high country, we only had a few big storms, but it was so warm they melted within the next day. We had days of 90 degrees in the time that should have been our dead of winter. Because of this our natural progressions of seasons were really messed up. Things did not die and pollen skyrocketed, throwing normal functional allergy sufferers to the wind (pun intended).

Usually Dave’s’ routine is enough. The doctor told Dave he cannot mix any other medications with his routine as it could literally stop his heart. However, when your husband starts having fits of up to 9 consecutive sneezes multiple times a day and is so miserable, you know you have to take action. So what else can we do?

This is when I turned to the internet and Pinterest.

The answer I found was essential oils. Both Dave’s mom and mine love essential oils so this is not a new concept to our household. We had used things they have given us in the past and seen results but have never ventured out on our own. Now was the time to change that. I did plenty of research and found that three simple oils mixed together are a powerful form of allergy relief. I quickly ran to my nearest Vitamin Cottage to pick up supplies. The essential oils needed for allergy relief are: Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon.


There are many avenues for how to use essential oils, but we decided on the 2 most manageable for novices like us. The first is mixing equal parts of oil with a carrier oil and applying it directly inside the nose and underneath the eyes. This is great for when Dave has to be outside for extended periods of time. The second method we chose was to diffuse the oils. A diffuser mixes a basin of water with equal drops of the oils and humidifies it into a mist. We have found that running this every night while we sleep, from his bedside table makes a massive difference to his life.


I am by no means an expert or a doctor but this has made a world of difference for our family. It’s especially great for the home because it’s safe for children and pets. It can be used in many forms all over the house and happens to smell great as well. If you are an allergy sufferer like my husband, I highly recommend adding this to your life now!

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